Working Up the Courage

By: Kelsey Gentile

Sometimes I tell myself that I may have picked the wrong major. I am absolutely horrible at approaching people to interview them or take their picture. But then an opportunity comes up and I surprise myself.

People can be intimidating to approach, but from personal experience it’s one of the most rewarding acts I have done. That’s where you get some of the best stories and uncover bits of information about a person or place.

A Face From Mesilla
Phil Alatorre talks about his life teaching in the Las Cruces area on Feb. 16 while walking in Mesilla. Photo by Kelsey Gentile

I wouldn’t say I’m shy, but I also know I am not very outgoing. So I’ll share some tips I have for approaching a stranger. I like to have a general statement written down before, so I don’t get flustered after saying hello. Knowing I have something to follow with makes it easier to approach someone. Also I feel it’s easier if you get comfortable in the environment for a little while before approaching someone.

Soon to be Famous
Frank Gomez poses with his guitar outside Beck’s Coffee one October Morning. Photo by Kelsey Gentile

There are several tips photographers come across that works better for them than others. It’s helpful to know it gets a little easier every time you approach someone new, but that nervousness is still there. Keep a lookout for tips and then keep the ones you find helpful in an easy to find place.


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