The Courageous

There is only one word I can use to describe what you feel-heat.

Senior Firefighter, Ricky Gutierrez ignites live gas tank fire to demonstrate to cadets and trainees proper hose handling while putting out a fire.

There’s a rush of adrenaline to any and every call you respond to. When riding behind the fire truck all you can hear are the sirens.The truck is going as fast as it can and your partners can’t hear you, all we do is look at each other. Our mind is running all over the place thinking about how much blood we’re going to see or how much weight we’re going to carry on this call. Whether it be a medical or a fire call we are training everyday to know what to do when you call for help. It is not easy. In the winter it is too cold but we are there. In the summer it is too hot but we will be there.

Captain Erik Gutierrez stands in front of the fire while speaking to trainees about the heat of the live fire.

We train as a team, we fight as a team and it is done for the community. Every sleepless night and every effort towards our performance is to be prepared. Volunteer firefighters take their free time and devote it to other lives.


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