The ”Matachines” Dancers

A girl is dancing with the “Matachines”
on a Sunday morning, at Downtown Juarez.
(Photo by Alejandra Ruiz)

Ciudad Juarez, it’s a colorful city full of history and music. In this Mexican city, there are several groups of dancers called “Matachines.” What’s special about these type of dancers is that they dance for “La Virgen de Guadalupe.” According to the Catholic religion, “La Virgen de Guadalupe” is the mother of Jesus.

The “Matachines” have the intention to dance for “La Virgen” as a tribute. There are a lot of “Matachines” in Mexico. We usually see these type of dancers on the streets and plazas. This kind of dance is usually performed during the weekends, mostly on Sundays. The “Matachines” are usually teenagers or kids. This past Sunday, I decided to visit Downtown Juarez and I found a group of little “Matachines.” They had the traditional colorful clothing and the artisanal Mexican accessories.

                                                                                      Story by Alejandra Ruiz

A little kid performing on a Sunday morning, for the “Matachines” dancers in downtown Juárez.                            (Photo by Alejandra Ruiz)

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