Easter Sunday: Where the Bunny Comes From

Every year we know spring has arrived not only by the warmer temperatures and windy days, but also the Easter decorations.  Something I came to wonder this year was why do we use a bunny? What’s the reason for the eggs? and how does that relate to church?

I hold an egg in hand, after my research, I place the cross as tribute, two days before the resurrection. (Photo By Cassandra Trejo)

I took some time, I did some research, and I found answers. German mythology Goddess of Spring, Eostre, had a hare as her companion. She was known as Eastre or in Germany, Oestre.  The hare was a symbol of fertility and rebirth, later Christians changed the hare to the Easter bunny.

From a Christian Perspective, the egg symbolizes Jesus. According to history.com the egg is also an ancient symbol for new life.  It is said that when Mary Magdalene went off to tell the others that Christ has risen she held an egg in her hands. When telling the Emperor the news he mocked her, and said to her, someone rising from the dead was as likely as the egg in her hand turning red. Immediately, the egg turned red. We tend to think of an egg as lifeless, but yet it holds so much life within itself, just like the tomb appeared to be lifeless, but from it Christ rose again.

So you see, both the bunny and the egg are symbols of new life which relates to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I hope no one takes offense to this, I’m not trying to push religion on anyone I’m simply informing those who may have had the same questions as I did about Easter…so now we know, Happy Easter Everyone!

Featured Photo By Cassandra Trejo


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