The Performers of Jackson Square

By Joshua Castillo

New Orleans, L.A. – Nestled in the French Quarter of New Orleans lies the historic Jackson Square park that acts as a gathering place for tourists, performers and artists of any kind.

The square has been a famous spot for musicians and artists alike to showcase their talents since the 1920s. The square is flanked by three streets that are closed off and designated for pedestrian use only. Along these streets you can find a plethora of shops, street performers, painters, musicians and the usual tarot card reeder.

A street performer dances in front of a crowd near Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans. (Photo by Joshua Castillo)

St. Louis’ Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in the United States, towers over Jackson Square and faces south toward the Mississippi River. The sounds, smells and atmosphere that is specific to the great city of New Orleans fill the square and makes it a place that is one of charm and mystery.

A brass band plays for a crowd of people in front of St. Louis’ Cathedral in Jackson Square. (Photo by Joshua Castillo)

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Joshua is a photojournalism student at New Mexico State University.

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