The Starting Line

Clint Texas-“An old track and a young soul” photo by Yvonne Del Rio

An old track can take a runner’s mind through hundreds of memories: The pace of the race, the beat of your heart and the sound of your lungs catching their breathe.

The runners line up with their teams at the starting line, and the emotions are there. There is a moment of silence as they all position their left arm and right arm on the stop watch on their wrist. You can hear everyone taking deep breathes before the gun goes off.

“Runners set!” Another ten seconds pass and they feel like minutes. “Get set!” After this you know you’re going to hear the gun and after that the crowd. Even more importantly your head. “Go!” You hear the gun and the crowd so there you go. Your legs are sprinting and your shoulders are tense.

There is one person in your head before your own thoughts catch up, your coach. “Gotta get up there! Find your race pace and focus!” At this point every single runner is doing just as you are. Catching up to the runners ahead of you and getting to the top front runners. They ask, what are the things that run through your head? After your coach, your own thoughts are really a blur. We tend to repeat the same random things over and over again because the focus remains on our breathing and our placing. The goal is Top Ten, however, from there finishing the race is an accomplishment itself.



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