The Adventures of Amzie Joy and Joshua Grayson

By: Ione Blanco

Two children under the age of three tend to be hectic in the house. These children may act differently for the person who watches them, while their parents are away at work. Children at this specific age are always unpredictable; some days they are super happy

IMG_9364 web
Amzie Joy, 2, sits down on the playground steps and watches an airplane while it flies over the neighborhood park. (Photo by Ione Blanco)

about everything, then there are days that they grumpy because they missed their nap.

Taking care of two kids can be extremely tough at times, but it can be the most rewarding thing ever. The two kids that I take care of, Amzie Joy, she is going to be three

at the end of April and Joshua Grayson is a year and a half.
When people think of babysitters many believe they just sit around and have the child or children just watch T.V. all day. But in our case we don’t usually watch much television. We usually love taking “Field Trips” to either the park, Target or the Mall. However, when we are at home Amzie and Joshua really love to jump on the bed, read books, or just go outside in the backyard and play on their swing set. These two kids can be the sweetest kids ever, but there can also be many meltdowns in one day.

Adventures at Target
Joshua Grayson, 1, rides in the grocery cart at a local Target, while going through the frozen food section on March 31, 2017. (Photo by Ione Blanco)

In this project I tried to capture candid shots and capture “real moments.” This book is how it is to spend a day with two children under the age of 3 and how it can go from calm to hectic in 3.1 seconds.


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