Soccer as Lifestyle- “Joga Bonito”

By: Alejandra Venegas
Abraham putting all his effort trying to reach the goalie. Photo by: Alejandra Venegas

Soccer has been my favorite sport since I was a kid. I remember being present in every single game my father used to play. I just loved it! I like how a sport makes you feel mixed emotions.

At the beginning of a game, you are excited, then you are angry. You can cry, laugh and yell without being criticized. Every person that shares their love for this sport, knows what I am talking about. Soccer has been present in my life for years. Most of my family members, as well as friends, likes soccer. Some of them play soccer while others just like to watch the games. It is incredible how any sport makes people to be more united and share the same love for it.

It’s wonderful to see kids demonstrate their passion for soccer at an early age. Whether girl or boy, without fear of being judged, show their love for the ball, the field and most importantly…for SOCCER.

Mia Isabela happy after her soccer team won the game. Photo by: Alejandra Venegas

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