Embracing Youth

Entering the year of 2017 I didn’t think I’d be facing many changes in my life like I have so far. Preparing to finish school, beginning a new job, and realizing that there is no going back in life has changed my perspective towards the future. It has horrified me. On our class trip to Mesilla I encountered a group of young boys playing on a merry-go-round.

Boys spin on a merry-go-round attempting to make each other vomit. Photo by Vanessa Chavez

I envied their energy and their childish behavior. It reminded me that I will never be younger 10 years old again or that my mistakes won’t be excused because I am a child. I will always cherish these photos and remember to embrace my youth every day.

At the park on Calle de Santiago, a group of boys hang out after school. Photo by Vanessa Chavez

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