Grateful for grads

This time of year always gets really busy, not just jam packed with schoolwork, but a bunch of photography requests, including graduation shoots. Being from  Las Cruces, it is really easy to be accustomed to “knowing” everyone, but not actually know them.IMG_6711I met Gina in middle school, she is  year older and I’d always see her around, but never talked to her. Because of social media, she followed me through Instagram and actively watches my adventure in photography.

IMG_6898A couple weeks ago she messaged me asking if we could meet up for her graduation shoot. because she will be walking this semester. When we met, she instantly was this very bubbly character, and is very easy to get a long with. IMG_6975

I am still learning new things every shoot I go to, I always get really anxious when the shoot is location instead of standard backdrop. If it’s a backdrop the variables in the shoot  can be controlled. But if it is at a location so many variables come into play: the weather, time constraints, props, lighting, etc.

Gina drove all the way to El Paso the previous day to get the big black number balloons, when she pulled up I had assisted her in carrying the balloons to the gazebo We started walking and then two pop sound erupted from the bags I was carrying. The two and the zero BOTH popped. It was fine because we still had the one and the seven; but immediately something in the shoot had gone wrong.

These shoots are so great for learning experiences, I think that’s why I love doing them because you sculpt these somewhat trash shots into actual works of art. I am super proud of the final shots just because Of how hard I worked in post production to get EXACTLY what I wanted.

In my project I talk about how hard it is for me to open up to people in shoots, and that it’s probably the cause of my shoots going more bad than good. It’s so important to get to know your character and capture as many candid shots you can get. They end up being the best shots out of the bunch.


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