What’s on your keys?

By Patrick Medina

A person never realizes or even pays any attention to another person’s keys. You would be surprised to find out that sometimes a simple keychain can mean a lot to someone. There are also others who just have something on their keys just to have it.

Cassandra Trejo believes that peace is an essential part of life and shows it by throwing up the peace sign with her hand, has it tattooed on her wrist and has the symbol on her keys. (Photo by Patrick Medina)

“Without love there is no peace. To me the peace symbol on my wrist and on my key chain serve as reminders to love myself, love the person that I am and be happy with who I am. So my thing is first learn to love yourself which will then allow you to love everyone else. And in that way do my part and spread love, positivity and peace to the world one person at a time, starting with me and carrying that out to the world.”- Cassandra Trejo

There are people that just see a keychain as a keychain and nothing more.

“I stole my sisters heart…I literally got her keys and stole it because I liked the keychain.” – Cynthia Armendariz (Photo by Patrick Medina)

Next time you’re with a friend or even just waiting in line somewhere, take a look at someones keys. You never know what can come out of it, whether it be a new friendship or just a really good story.


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