What’s on your keys?

By Patrick Medina

A person never realizes or even pays any attention to another person’s keys. You would be surprised to find out that sometimes a simple keychain can mean a lot to someone. There are also others who just have something on their keys just to have it.

Cassandra Trejo believes that peace is an essential part of life and shows it by throwing up the peace sign with her hand, has it tattooed on her wrist and has the symbol on her keys. (Photo by Patrick Medina)

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Take a Pic

By: Patrick Medina

Have you ever really looked at a photographer and noticed that they will do anything and everything in order to obtain that one image they were looking for. Students from NMSU took to Doña Ana, NM. to document the surroundings.

Ione Blanco not scared to get up close and personal with an abandon building in Doña Ana, NM. Photo by Patrick Medina

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