Meeting “Mary Jane” was a lucky encounter

Story by Alejandra Ruiz

During our documentary photography trip to the village of  Doña Ana, we met a really interesting person.  I was walking with my two friends; they were waiting for me since I recently had knee surgery, and other students in the class were a lot of steps ahead of us.

Suddenly we saw a  woman coming from her house and hurrying toward us. We stopped to talk to her, but we didn’t know who she was. She introduced herself, her name is Maria de Jesus Garcia, most commonly known as “Mary Jane.”

Mary Jane Garcia, former state senator from southern New Mexico,  is standing outside her house and telling photojournalists the story of Doña Ana during field trip on April 2017. (Photo by Alejandra Ruiz)

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The ”Matachines” Dancers

A girl is dancing with the “Matachines”
on a Sunday morning, at Downtown Juarez.
(Photo by Alejandra Ruiz)

Ciudad Juarez, it’s a colorful city full of history and music. In this Mexican city, there are several groups of dancers called “Matachines.” What’s special about these type of dancers is that they dance for “La Virgen de Guadalupe.” According to the Catholic religion, “La Virgen de Guadalupe” is the mother of Jesus.

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