Visual Storytellers Discover Doña Ana

Photojournalists of the Journalism 412 class concluded its Small Village New Mexico Project, Spring 2017, with a visit to the community of Doña Ana, the oldest in southern New Mexico that was established along El Camino Real. Former state Sen. Mary Jane Garcia caught up with some students touring her village and told them about her village history and also her ancestors, the De La O family.

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What’s on your keys?

By Patrick Medina

A person never realizes or even pays any attention to another person’s keys. You would be surprised to find out that sometimes a simple keychain can mean a lot to someone. There are also others who just have something on their keys just to have it.

Cassandra Trejo believes that peace is an essential part of life and shows it by throwing up the peace sign with her hand, has it tattooed on her wrist and has the symbol on her keys. (Photo by Patrick Medina)

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Grateful for grads

This time of year always gets really busy, not just jam packed with schoolwork, but a bunch of photography requests, including graduation shoots. Being from  Las Cruces, it is really easy to be accustomed to “knowing” everyone, but not actually know them.IMG_6711I met Gina in middle school, she is  year older and I’d always see her around, but never talked to her. Because of social media, she followed me through Instagram and actively watches my adventure in photography.

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Pathological Technological World

Have you ever been out in public and you look around only to see people on their phones? It’s a sad scene when you really think about it, if you’re out at a restaurant and you see a family having dinner but all of them on their phones, or maybe a child watching their favorite show while the adults converse. Truth is we’ve become a society dependent on technology.

The hopes of this project is to show just how technology causes a division between people, relationships, and real life moments.

Waiting For Class
Samuel Palm sits in the Milton lobby as he waits for class to start, distracted and unaware he was being watched. (Photo By: Cassandra Trejo)

It’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of social media and get caught up in what everyone else is doing, but I believe we often miss out on things happening around us that are equally as interesting if not more interesting and spontaneous. It’s a distraction to the things going on around you, the conversations you might miss because you have your headphones on or you were glued to the phone.

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The Adventures of Amzie Joy and Joshua Grayson

By: Ione Blanco

Two children under the age of three tend to be hectic in the house. These children may act differently for the person who watches them, while their parents are away at work. Children at this specific age are always unpredictable; some days they are super happy

IMG_9364 web
Amzie Joy, 2, sits down on the playground steps and watches an airplane while it flies over the neighborhood park. (Photo by Ione Blanco)

about everything, then there are days that they grumpy because they missed their nap.

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Easter Sunday: Where the Bunny Comes From

Every year we know spring has arrived not only by the warmer temperatures and windy days, but also the Easter decorations.  Something I came to wonder this year was why do we use a bunny? What’s the reason for the eggs? and how does that relate to church?

I hold an egg in hand, after my research, I place the cross as tribute, two days before the resurrection. (Photo By Cassandra Trejo)

I took some time, I did some research, and I found answers. German mythology Goddess of Spring, Eostre, had a hare as her companion. She was known as Eastre or in Germany, Oestre.  The hare was a symbol of fertility and rebirth, later Christians changed the hare to the Easter bunny.

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