The Quiet Places

An extravagantly decorated grave inside the Doña Ana Cemetery, Doña Ana, New Mexico, Wednesday, May 3, 2017. (Photo By: Jared Bjarnason)

The world around us is busy. We all know and understand stress. We are surrounded by the constant bombardment of media – whether it be the TV, internet, or our phones. However, we should always try to visit the quiet places. Places we drive by daily, but never seem to have to time to truly explore. Sometimes, as photographers, we need to visit these places to capture their silence and document them for prosperity. Don’t be afraid of cemeteries or an old church.

Behind the pulpit inside the Basilica of San Albino Catholic Church, Mesilla, New Mexico, Wednesday, May 3, 2017. (Photo by: Jared Bjarnason)

Safety In Numbers

Students from NMSU Documentary Photojournalism class gather in the shade before shooting in Doña Ana, New Mexico, Thursday, April, 13,2017. (Photo by: Jared Bjarnason)

After the class met up in Doña Ana we set out to shoot. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Some us disappeared into the village to find the right images. Some of us congregated in the shade of a honey mesquite tree as we got our bearings. Wandering around alone can be a bit rough. We eventually found the courage to talk to strangers or attempt a shot outside of our comfort zones. When we first set out we found safety in numbers.

Students from NMSU Documentary Photojournalism photograph the city of Doña Ana, New Mexico, Thursday, April 13, 2017. (Photo By: Jared Bjarnason)

Many times we take pictures just because we like the way something looks, but these pictures were taken with more than just admiration of the subject, these pictures were taken with a lot of emotions. My cousin and his girlfriend are at a very exciting time in their lives, they’re having their first baby and a part from that she’s also graduating from UTEP this May.

I was beyond excited and proud that they asked to me take Margie’s maternity and graduation pictures!

Embracing Youth

Entering the year of 2017 I didn’t think I’d be facing many changes in my life like I have so far. Preparing to finish school, beginning a new job, and realizing that there is no going back in life has changed my perspective towards the future. It has horrified me. On our class trip to Mesilla I encountered a group of young boys playing on a merry-go-round.

Boys spin on a merry-go-round attempting to make each other vomit. Photo by Vanessa Chavez

I envied their energy and their childish behavior. It reminded me that I will never be younger 10 years old again or that my mistakes won’t be excused because I am a child. I will always cherish these photos and remember to embrace my youth every day.

At the park on Calle de Santiago, a group of boys hang out after school. Photo by Vanessa Chavez

Soccer as Lifestyle- “Joga Bonito”

By: Alejandra Venegas
Abraham putting all his effort trying to reach the goalie. Photo by: Alejandra Venegas

Soccer has been my favorite sport since I was a kid. I remember being present in every single game my father used to play. I just loved it! I like how a sport makes you feel mixed emotions.

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Take a Pic

By: Patrick Medina

Have you ever really looked at a photographer and noticed that they will do anything and everything in order to obtain that one image they were looking for. Students from NMSU took to Doña Ana, NM. to document the surroundings.

Ione Blanco not scared to get up close and personal with an abandon building in Doña Ana, NM. Photo by Patrick Medina

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