Can You Tell: a side story

This assignment has been difficult to be honest. I struggle to approach strangers and find a way for them to open up and tell their story. To finish this assignment I had to get out of my comfort zone and approach someone I didn’t know and for a subject that is controversial. I reached out to a young woman I’ve known about since I was a child, but I’ve never spoken to her. I’ve seen that she stands for legalization and decided to ask her for an interview and a photoshoot.

Steffanie speaks about her aspiration to be an actress and how people are often judged before being understood. Photo by Vanessa Chavez

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I think the best shoots I have done are the ones I don’t pre-plan  and go in expecting mostly nothing. Over last year I took the initiative to try to shoot more, I really push it. I wanted to shoot with my friend Tiana so bad.

I had seen this photo shoot with Kylie Jenner where her highlight was popping and there was a deep contrast of purple.Although this photoshoot is really controversial, because of the backlash it has gotten, this was what inspired me.


So I did her makeup very purple. We went in this room filled with mattresses and I came out so pleased with what I got. We shot during nighttime, and the lights didn’t work in the room so the only source of lighting was my external flash. In post production I added a purple layer with a very low opacity to add that extra kick.

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Embracing Youth

Entering the year of 2017 I didn’t think I’d be facing many changes in my life like I have so far. Preparing to finish school, beginning a new job, and realizing that there is no going back in life has changed my perspective towards the future. It has horrified me. On our class trip to Mesilla I encountered a group of young boys playing on a merry-go-round.

Boys spin on a merry-go-round attempting to make each other vomit. Photo by Vanessa Chavez

I envied their energy and their childish behavior. It reminded me that I will never be younger 10 years old again or that my mistakes won’t be excused because I am a child. I will always cherish these photos and remember to embrace my youth every day.

At the park on Calle de Santiago, a group of boys hang out after school. Photo by Vanessa Chavez

Soccer as Lifestyle- “Joga Bonito”

By: Alejandra Venegas
Abraham putting all his effort trying to reach the goalie. Photo by: Alejandra Venegas

Soccer has been my favorite sport since I was a kid. I remember being present in every single game my father used to play. I just loved it! I like how a sport makes you feel mixed emotions.

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Pathological Technological World

Have you ever been out in public and you look around only to see people on their phones? It’s a sad scene when you really think about it, if you’re out at a restaurant and you see a family having dinner but all of them on their phones, or maybe a child watching their favorite show while the adults converse. Truth is we’ve become a society dependent on technology.

The hopes of this project is to show just how technology causes a division between people, relationships, and real life moments.

Waiting For Class
Samuel Palm sits in the Milton lobby as he waits for class to start, distracted and unaware he was being watched. (Photo By: Cassandra Trejo)

It’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of social media and get caught up in what everyone else is doing, but I believe we often miss out on things happening around us that are equally as interesting if not more interesting and spontaneous. It’s a distraction to the things going on around you, the conversations you might miss because you have your headphones on or you were glued to the phone.

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