Meeting “Mary Jane” was a lucky encounter

Story by Alejandra Ruiz

During our documentary photography trip to the village of  Doña Ana, we met a really interesting person.  I was walking with my two friends; they were waiting for me since I recently had knee surgery, and other students in the class were a lot of steps ahead of us.

Suddenly we saw a  woman coming from her house and hurrying toward us. We stopped to talk to her, but we didn’t know who she was. She introduced herself, her name is Maria de Jesus Garcia, most commonly known as “Mary Jane.”

Mary Jane Garcia, former state senator from southern New Mexico,  is standing outside her house and telling photojournalists the story of Doña Ana during field trip on April 2017. (Photo by Alejandra Ruiz)

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Grateful for grads

This time of year always gets really busy, not just jam packed with schoolwork, but a bunch of photography requests, including graduation shoots. Being from  Las Cruces, it is really easy to be accustomed to “knowing” everyone, but not actually know them.IMG_6711I met Gina in middle school, she is  year older and I’d always see her around, but never talked to her. Because of social media, she followed me through Instagram and actively watches my adventure in photography.

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I think the best shoots I have done are the ones I don’t pre-plan  and go in expecting mostly nothing. Over last year I took the initiative to try to shoot more, I really push it. I wanted to shoot with my friend Tiana so bad.

I had seen this photo shoot with Kylie Jenner where her highlight was popping and there was a deep contrast of purple.Although this photoshoot is really controversial, because of the backlash it has gotten, this was what inspired me.


So I did her makeup very purple. We went in this room filled with mattresses and I came out so pleased with what I got. We shot during nighttime, and the lights didn’t work in the room so the only source of lighting was my external flash. In post production I added a purple layer with a very low opacity to add that extra kick.

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Soccer as Lifestyle- “Joga Bonito”

By: Alejandra Venegas
Abraham putting all his effort trying to reach the goalie. Photo by: Alejandra Venegas

Soccer has been my favorite sport since I was a kid. I remember being present in every single game my father used to play. I just loved it! I like how a sport makes you feel mixed emotions.

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Doña Ana Field Trip

dona ana
Jesus Christ inside of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Catholic Church. Photo by: Alejandra Venegas.

I took these picture last week in Doña Ana. We had a field trip, as a class, in order to capture images of the little town. First of all, we got lost; I was accompanied by two friends.

Once we found our way to the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Catholic Church, I prepared myself to snap pictures of this historic place. I was very enthusiastic of having the opportunity of visiting this place since it is beautiful.

Unfortunately, my camera stopped working. The first image of Jesus Christ is one of the only imagines that I was able to shoot. The other image as you can see, is kind of creepy, but I still thought it was interesting to show to people.

dona ana2
An angel inside the church at Doña Ana. Photo by: Alejandra Venegas.